23 July 2006

1 she wore lemon

darling maggot (my junior prom date and forever valentine) came to town. we ate the pizza of our lives, talked tabloids and "whoha," and shopped till we dropped.

despite my own rather random personal aesthetic (ie. camo and plaids, year-round x-mas socks, etc.), i do have a finely tuned appreciation for situational unity. when unpremeditated events unfold as though they were a premeditated cohesive whole. so i must boast a bit about the pleasing balance of my own purchases. it was simply uncanny.

at 9.45, the yellow bag. at 12.10, after a hell of a line, the yellow coat. at 2.30, the perfume- "woman in yellow."

thus, the red period draws to a close and, despite the avian implications, canary here we come.

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Les Savy Ferd said...

i've been stuck in navy blue for years...