31 July 2006

3 pitchforked

we are officially pitchfork fested out. so much so that kuhryzsteenuh and i could only power through until lame-o 3 p.m. on sunday. but we went. we saw. we used both tickets. and we learned some things.

when you have a music festival for all the non-conformists, everyone looks the same.

there are certain environments where i am not the world's palest person.

80s communist russia is the dominant well-spring of 21st century fugly.

wind pants or hairy legs? without a doubt- wind pants.

watergun fights are ill-advised when your eyebrows are painted on.

the fratsters have arrived. (the tide was a-turning when at a vanderbilt univ. 2004 modest mouse concert, the entire polo-shirted frat population showed up to pump their fists to "black cadillacs," but it has gone too far.)

oh and: man man= fun fun.


Les Savy Ferd said...

don't forget about produce, the new 'it' tattoo which comes in a delightful array of tuber-ific designs from onion-ish to carrot-esque.

oline said...

yesterday we noticed a shovel on the forearm so i'm thinking this "it" tat is only "it" among the gardening set. of course, maybe you'll be getting a lima bean and completely prove me wrong.

Les Savy Ferd said...

i think i'm more of the rutabaga persuasion.