21 June 2006

5 speaking of JFK hair...

three things:
1. i love bono.*
2. this is the age of stylists.
3. bono's stylist, we have a problem.

second only in hysterical scariness to tommy lee jones' JFK hair, is joe pesci's JFK hair. and as mr. the edge would say: "without joe pesci's JFK hair, there would be no over-processed redish combed-back mullet on the b-man." if only.

* as an eccentric, kindly parental figure, whom one loves but whose antics occasionally provoke embarrassment and shame.


Bombsy said...

I love Bono, too!

Les Savy Ferd said...

i <3 bono, lol, lmao, rofl. I am also not immature in the SLIGHTest ;p

oline said...

to the dread pirate dougo: control your abbrevs! and please please please tell me what the whole <3 business is about? all the kids are doing it these days and i just don't know.

to bombsy: are we one???

JJerm said...

bono started the mullet, bono can end the mullet. the power is his. we can only sit back and marvel.

oline said...

this is such a complex varaiation on his traditional mullet though. it's got product and angles and comb-over and a slight poof at the top. it is definately a follicular marvel.