23 June 2006

1 snow white

today, during a lull in the never-ending, vacation thwarting work drama, i found what is going to go down in history as my first white hair.

it may, in fact, have just been a particularly bold character among the many blonde, auburn and brown strands, but this is a milestone i'd like to go ahead and get out of the way and now seems as good a time as any.

accordingly, because i take archiving to rather grotesque extremes, this rogue strand was pasted into my journal, for the benefit of the future writer of the cupcake&bombsybox. unlike croftie's journals, which were filled with dialogue and stage directions, mine will be remembered for bad penmanship and a freakish hair.

as for the white coife, vera, whose name means my name, is my new style hero. where's janek? i need to talk mrs. nabokov.

1 comment:

Clark "not so effen hardcore" Price said...

I have had my my share of greys and whites. At least I am not going bald. Thankfully that is not in my genetic sequence. To you, I wish they thickest hair that mankind can supply. I myself will resign to the greys in a vain hope that I will look distinguished. Sadly, I have done nothing to warrant such an opinion of myself.