10 March 2006

2 meggie does the "oh my god, what have i done" thing

i give you (courtesy of my dear valentine, meggie), the greatest, most chick litty voicemail EVER:

caroline. one of your oldest, oldest childhood friends- me- is a f***ing idiot. oh my god what have i done. i was leaving the hospital and this dr who i’ve talked to all of three times and i don’t know his name, called my name. he knows me... i called him out of a pen one day and you know me- i don’t have any voice in my head that tells me what i shouldn’t be doing. so ... and so we’re talking, we’re crossing the street, going to the parking garage. i’m waiting for the elevator and, you know, because he’s a doctor he gets a prime parking spot so he doesn’t have to park on seven... and he asked me if i wanted to go out sometime for coffee. don’t drink coffee. but me being the fricking idiot I go "yeah, sure sure." ok. don’t even know the guy’s name. not even really all that attracted to him... that and I think he’s old. because i think he’s an intern. maybe a resident. not sure which one. definitely not a med student. possibly an intern, possibly a resident. pretty sure he’s not an attending... and i’m sitting here afterwards and i’m like What. The. Hell… was i thinking... but then it ‘s just a date. just coffee. and it’s not like he proposed. and i’m not quite sure what country he’s from. he left me a voice mail at this number. his name is pavi... he might be indian. i don’t think so. he sounds american. he might be peruvian. he kind of looks like a version of benjamin bratt. he’s not bad looking... i’m just sitting here thinking what the hell was i thinking but then i’m like doctor, hello! doctor! doctor’s always nice. but i’m sitting here in emotional turmoil and i need advice and you’re like one of my closest friends and you’re good for advice. call me back or email me one of the two. have a good day. have fun with your portable job. bye!


Anonymous said...

*laughs* Oh that is hilarious! I did not realize I sounded so whacko on the phone!!! I will make sure to keep you updated.

oline said...

ah meggie! that was not whacko- that was a verbalization of the monologue that runs in every woman's head. you are hero!