16 March 2006

3 flight anxiety

is rather indiscreet to write about one's job, but PROUDing is such a comedy it's too good to pass up. my boss has been on a much-needed cruise around the mexican coast this week. a few days ago an email arrived that concluded with the following: "i feel the power of flight coming. do U feel the progress." since it was posited as a statement rather than a question and he was sounding a little new agey and high, i politely responded but ignored the remark. so today i get: "Oh, you never told me how you feel about us being ready to fly." unsettled by the continuing aviation theme, i tossed out an insouciant: "of course we're ready to fly." moments later, from the boat came the rallying cry: "WE'RE READY TO FLY!" and with that, folks, ready or not- PROUD is airborn.


R said...


Ima Putz said...

I enjoy the fact that directly after "We're airborn" is the title "A Long Way to Fall" Hehe.

oline said...

i didn't even notice that! fabulous!