12 March 2006

0 fauxolsens

went to lunch with a lovely group this afternoon. we were sitting and talking when this girl- who looked 12 but was probably 16- walked by pulling an obviously concerted m-k olsen. complete with the HUGE sunglasses, the lollypop body, weather inappropriate teeny jeans and flip flops, and this kind of crazy big 80s newscaster hair. she was shadowed by a miz spears knock-off- a blonde in velour pants with "THINK PINK" on the bum.

they kept reappearing and i found myself riveted each time they passed- wondering what internal, teenage mini-drama must be unfolding. obviously they considered themselves incredibly, unbelieveably cool when, to me, they just looked hysterically, absurdly wrong. of all the style icons- why?!

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