26 February 2006

0 "there aren't many places you can go and be damned by a lack of fluorescence"

last night a group of us went to this vegetarian-friendly, bicycle-themed, hipster hangout in wicker park. we're not yuppies, we like vegetables, and one of us even rides a bike so it was not an entirely unlikely place to go. however, we are not like this:

we are like this:

so we were frowned upon. by the surprisingly disaffected wait staff. by the pack of people decked out in full biking regalia. they sat, scattered throughout the place- their cheeks flushed (from an exhillarating ride, no doubt). there was a distinct sensation that the tour de france could break out at any given moment.

we envied their maccaroni and cheese (but for the extra $1, we would have gotten it too!). we also keenly felt the tragedy of their spandexed fluorescence. scout niblett rocks a fluorescent vest so i can give them that- but there is nothing remotely cool about spandex. especially when it's worn in earnest. most especially when it's worn to dinner. as my mum always says, with an exasperated drawl: "things like THAY-AT do not belowng at the taybal."

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