24 February 2006

0 the best thing to happen to men since women

so a copy of MAXIM showed up in my mailbox today. apparently the girl who lived here before was a subscriber- which is interesting because who knew that women- much less ones named tiffany- subscribed to MAXIM? don't get me wrong- i'd never actually opened an issue before and there's some valuable reporting. who else is going to compile a list of "Campus Cuties" and "THE 20 GREATEST MOVIE DRINKERS!" or "celebrate the dumbest feats performed by people across this great yet surprisingly stupid land" alongside an earnest report on "What Really Brought Down the Twin Towers"? i was most impressed by the mag's sheer hotness- the "HOT ZONE," "HOT SHOTS," the "HOT EXPERT," "HOMETOWN HOTTIES," "TOTAL HOTNESS." obviously no one had a roget's.

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