20 February 2020

0 is it spring break yet?

it's that time in the semester/season/life? when it feels like we have been doing this forrrrrrrevahhhhhh. we need summer, stat.

it's a disaster, but i'm ok, WRB says of his class today.

DL and i run into each other at the stoplight across the street from the building our classes are in. i ask how she is and she replies, well, nobody ever died from teaching comp 101.

i open class with the question, who else stayed up entirely too late watching the debate even though they knew they had to wake up at a 5 a.m.?

apparently i was alone in that, so i don't know why they were so tired today.

i'm standing at the stop waiting for the bus that will haul my tired ass across town for shows two and three, when i hear-- over the sound of the jeffrey epstein podcast i'm listening to-- a shout of I LOVE YOUR BACKPACK!!!!!

i look up and a man is 1/4 leaned out the window of his car two lanes over to tell me this.

the sentiment isn't all that surprising. my backback is entirely blue sequins. it is like walking around withe a disco ball. but he keeps talking and so i take the headphones out and hear him say: I LOVE YOUR BACKPACK!!!!! IT'S ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. IT JUST BROUGHT SO MUCH JOY TO MY DAY. 

the light changes, he waves, beaming at me, and drives on. and i'm left reflecting on the fact that, despite having to remove my headphones, that was a solidly lovely interaction with a man, and also, apparently, i spark joy.

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