23 December 2019

the decade is ending, let's clear out the OitC drafts folder...

6 July 2016

in america, i watched A LOT of kardashians. because america is the only time when i have access to the kardashians as a tv phenomenon. otherwise, they are a daily mail phenomenon. and there's something about watching hours of reality which is rather calming, in that way that watching hour upon hour of the real world was calming when MTV aired all those real world marathons during exam season. and each episode would seamlessly segue into the next so you were never quite sure where one ended and the other began and suddenly NINE HOURS had passed and you've got david's "come on be my baby tonight" stuck in your head for a month.

so there is an element of that, in my watching the kardashians.

it was surprisingly deep into my kardashian viewing before garebear and debo realized that this is something to which i do not have access in the UK. and then they were more forgiving.

their hatred of the kardashians, however, did not keep them from the room. particularly debo, who sat through hours of kardashian viewing while playing on her phone.

i would've assumed she wasn't paying any attention except occasionally she would look up and say, now which daughter is that? i was surprised when my admission that i rather like kris was backed up her agreement. more shocking, through an episode during which she'd been particularly engrossed in her phone, was when she looked up and said, where's scott? why isn't he in this one?

it is, perhaps, one of my unacknowledged aims in life to lower our family entertainment standards as low as they can possibly go.

i took grief for this. there was a lot of rolling of eyes and exclamations of oh not them, don't they ever go off? but something must've stuck.

yesterday, debo emailed me this:

even though she didn't understand it (because, really, the stories about these people are so convoluted who can?), it warms my heart that she tried.

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