26 December 2019

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the decade is ending, let's clear out the OitC drafts folder...

14 April 2014

today i read an article that mentioned a friend of jackie's i'd forgotten about. so i googled her name, which led to an article by a woman who does something for a sports channel in chicago who'd once written a thing about this friend of jackie's. and so i emailed a chicago biographer friend i have who used to have a chicago sports website to see if he had the email address of the woman who wrote about the woman who was jackie's friend. he did. i wrote her, she wrote me, and then i wrote the woman she'd written about who was jackie's friend.

this afternoon, after reading more articles and confronting what a very big deal it was when her book was published, for the zillionth time, i googled the name of a woman who used to work for jackie. still, i got nowhere. so tonight, on a whim, on twitter, i messaged a FLOTUS expert whose jackie book i cannot live without and whose hand, several years ago, i shook in l.a. i messaged him and asked if he had any idea if this woman is still living (it is STUNNING how many people whose deaths cannot be determined on the internet), he wrote back with a suggestion for the round-about route by which i might try getting in touch with her, a description of his current project, and his phone number. because we have a mutual friend.

the friend of a friend, ya'll. because, MY GOD. and now i come riding in on my friend of a friend pony and the doors come flying open. but it's important in such times as these- when things seem to be falling together so easily with what feels like terribly little effort on my part- to pause and take stock and remember how far this whole circus has come. to recall how, four years ago, no one would speak to me. and, upon hearing about my project, THEY ROLLED THEIR EYES.

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