26 November 2019

0 yo


this was both THE MOST EXCITING THING EVER and also kind of not, because it is a home with nothing but a strategically selected small pile of books with good stories (this is my version of feng shui-- moving the hopeful, feminist stuff in first and leaving the harrowing sexual assault/gender studies/anti-racism piles for later). which, well, yay for strategically selected hopeful stories, but also, it is kind of depressing to stand alone in an empty, cold room.

i am not ashamed to admit that i wanted my mommy. conveniently, she arrives today so shit is about to get decorated. but still. it was an odd moment-- to finally have a home, nearly two years to the day after losing the last one and coming after six months of rootlessness. (reader, i moved seven times in the month of october alone!)

my imagination is strong but i'll admit, peering into the bathroom and beholding the shower curtain-less tub and the empty towel rack, i struggled to see a cozy future for myself.

it is coming, no doubt. hope springs eternal. we are about to get some textiles up in here.

in the meantime, in ways in which life is about to become so much more comfortable than it was for my last two years in london: BEHOLD! i have a bathroom door.

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