04 November 2019

0 cunning conning

i'm working in the bookshop on a friday afternoon. it's that time towards the end of the shift when you're pretty much done and willing to entertain things you wouldn't were it earlier in the day.

there's a customer buying a book on the restaurant at the world trade center. we're talking about it and he mentions having worked at halston and i am all like TELL.ME.MOAR.

which is why i wind up being talked at by this customer for an hour and a half.

a FASCINATING hour and a half, mind you, and i goaded him and asked questions and was totally involved in the perpetuation of this conversation even as i realized i could probably be anyone in the world and he would be perfectly happy telling me about his time at studio 54.

it wasn't until i was walking home that i wondered something i know i never would have wondered two weeks ago. an idea i, once it occurred to me, cannot shake myself of now...

was it true? or was it an elaborate con?

this is suggestive of my current total lack of faith in humanity. this man was wearing a burberry cape on a friday afternoon in DC. if we're trying to conjure a character who may have worked at halston, he certainly fits the bill.

but i don't know that i know for certain that it was true.

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