18 September 2017

0 the t-mobile moment

when i was preparing to move to london, debo was in charge of telecommunications, as she always is. she took this task very seriously, as she always does.

she consulted with others. she reviewed plans. she hatched schemes.

which is how we wound up spending 1.5 hours on the rainy day in the week before i moved to london having an existential crisis at a t-mobile store.

an agony we endured until, at a moment when it appeared we were about to pay $750 to commit to a 12 months of a phone plan that neither made sense nor appeared to work internationally, looking into debo's eyes welling with tears, i said, we do not have to do this. we need to leave.

leave we did and, predictably, sought refuge in the warm embrace of sprint.

it was one of the rare moments where we collectively identified a negative feeling whilst we were having it and successfully removed ourselves from the situation. it was also a moment wrought from literally weeks of discussing a length a subject about which we knew nothing and a situation for which we, truly, could do little to prepare.

i was moving abroad. until i actually did that, there was really no dealing with the matter of my phone.

right now, we do not know what will happen- whether i will be moving back to the US in two months or moving to another country in two months or remaining here. it is all radically unclear. there are very limited ways in which to prepare.

though it is so extraordinarily tempting to ignore that, so many rabbit holes to go down.

how does one ship a library internationally? how will i get out of all my contracts and obligations here?

intellectual exercises that are, at this point, totally useless because they consume energy i do not have, time i do not have- as i continue cranking out academic talks and articles and going about the business of looking like someone who is imminently employable and a tribute to the humanities.

even so, the mind goes where it wants. and debo says, grimly, wisely, t-mobile, cupcake. t-mobile. don't waste a moment on t-mobiling. 

it is a grand irony that my research is about the things people do when they do not know what will happen to them.

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