07 September 2017

0 7 september

it's 7 september.

a day i've spent the last two months trying to commit to memory because it is the day that n.muh is submitting her phd.

so now it's finally here and i remember and inundate her with britney gifs because that is what seems right to do. and there comes a point in the day where i lay eyes on the date, where i see it there.

7 september.

from that point, i feel so wiped out. and i assume it's because the last three days have been spent on emotional high alert, helping n.muh solve citation crises and helping N solve all her problems, which is gratifying because they are problems which seem solvable, problems relating to fellowship applications and diplomatic emails, while my own problems- ie. The Immigration Problem- do not.

it's not until i'm on the tube after work that i realize.

it is 7 september.

there comes a time where you no longer remember in the way that you once did.

donovan died five years ago. he did not know i was moving to london.

yesterday was the fifth anniversary of his death. i do not know whether i will be able to stay.

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