21 August 2017

0 totality

garebear and debo are going to see the eclipse.

debo tells me this and that it is happening at 1:30 and that they're planning to leave 20 minutes beforehand. they believe they will get there right on time.

in the background, garebear is on the phone with the people they are meeting and i hear him echo.

it's happening at 1:30 and we're planning on leaving 20 minutes before. we'll be right on time.

it is 12 when he says this. it is with alarm that they discover the people they are meeting are already there.


debo, of course, assumes i cannot hear and so repeats this news at similar volume and bids me farewell.

this is typical in every way.

of course they would think there's all the time in the world to see a once in a lifetime event.

of course they would assume that they are the only people who have this plan.

of course it would not occur to them that hundreds of other people have not had the exact same plan of rendezvousing at the exact same place that they have planned on.

and of course they would have made no special provisions for this plan beyond searching for moon pies at walgreens (no go) and accepting the eclipse glasses a friend picked up for them at the bank the other day, where they had so many left over that they were giving them out on the street.

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