15 June 2017

0 FJ: the sex lives of dead people: JFK edition (emotions via britney)

i mean, i had you at hello, right? you are like, holy moses, this woman is ambitious. for seriously, is there a more prodigious sex life of a dead person than that of JFK? haven’t we all of us, by this point, slept with JFK?
ok. so that’s taking it a step too far. but seriously. and i say this as a biographer. it is likely that JFK slept with a whole load of people. i’m not contesting that.
there seems to be a lot of compelling evidence that his sex life was extensive.
having written extensively about his wife, there seems to be compelling evidence that she knew his sex life was extensive.
what i would do is suggest that we not take every single claim about his extensive sex life as absolute truth.
(new life goal: to some day teach a master class on the sex lives of dead people. just fyi.)
so here we are with the man of the hour:

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