27 February 2017

0 what a weird, weird world

STZ and i have a podcast.

STZ is the sister of one of my ex-boyfriends.

for this week's episode of this podcast, STZ and i interviewed a man,who happened to be the ex-boyfriend who was my boyfriend before i dated STZ's brother.

when was the last time you spoke to him? STZ asked me prior to our connecting his call.

a strange question, i thought, as said, um... on the tuesday in 2009 when he called to dump me. 

this was the point at which i realized that, in our haste to procure a male guest for our podcast and this particular ex-boyfriend being the one who was most game, i'd somehow told STZ none of the details of our story.

after the interview is over, we both marvel at all of this. that we just interviewed my ex-boyfriend... that she and my ex-boyfriend are now facebook friends... that she and my ex-boyfriend may some day meet if ever he and his wife are in boston.

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