20 February 2017

0 burvil

if you've been around here for even the briefest of hot seconds, you know that burvil is the best, that she is a rock star and that she is the love of my life.

them's just be's facts, as garebear would say.

after our podcast interview with her on saturday, STZ and i both were like WHOA. and we spent the remainder of the weekend mulling over so many of the gems she'd dropped upon us, tagged with #TeamBurvil, applying them to our own lives and asking #WhatWouldBurvilDo?

i think one of the most staggering things about loving someone is the ways in which, even when you've known them your whole life, they still surprise. they still say things that take you completely aback and make you realize that they are even more wonderful, more flexible, more STAUNCH than you ever knew.

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