29 January 2017

0 god shed his grace on thee

i find myself often crying now when reading the new york times. this is something new. it hasn't always been this way.

an email arrives from N. it is entitled "wtf trump."

she has been away for the last two days and upon returning to london and catching up on the news, discovered that our country appears to be falling apart.

it's like the election, except that was one thing per week. this is four things per day. morally abhorrent things.

it's just so hard when you're not there, N says.

it's a refrain we return to again and again because so often so much of it, when it is hard, it is because we are not there. because if we were there, we would know- what's going on with our parents, what's going on with friends, what the state of the US job market is, whatever.

but this is different. this is something new.

in the space of a week, our country seems to have become a totalitarian regime.

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