30 January 2017

0 claude

there's been a cold spell in london so last week, in lieu of buying a space heater (because i ain't got no space), i bought a giant fancy-ish grey fur throw that i found for £15 at a charity shop.

this giant throw was promptly named claude. because it was grey and furry and therefore ever so slightly evocative of the stuffed cat who was the feline counterpart of the stuffed pigs (gertrude and arnold) whom partner and i carried around school senior year.

the cat was claude and is, to this day, in S's care. when i tell S about the blanket, he sighs, oh, because of my cat.

i, of course, told garebear about claude too, because he prefers to be kept generally abreast of what he calls my "freezitude." and though he'd asked about claude the last few times we spoke, it wasn't until tonight, when he signed off with give claude a hug, that i realized how hilarious this situation had become.

my father asked me to hug a £15 fur throw for him. that's a little weird, even for us.

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