30 January 2017

0 claude

there's been a cold spell in london so last week, in lieu of buying a space heater (because i ain't got no space), i bought a giant fancy-ish grey fur throw that i found for £15 at a charity shop.

this giant throw was promptly named claude. because it was grey and furry and therefore ever so slightly evocative of the stuffed cat who was the feline counterpart of the stuffed pigs (gertrude and arnold) whom partner and i carried around school senior year.

the cat was claude and is, to this day, in S's care. when i tell S about the blanket, he sighs, oh, because of my cat.

i, of course, told garebear about claude too, because he prefers to be kept generally abreast of what he calls my "freezitude." and though he'd asked about claude the last few times we spoke, it wasn't until tonight, when he signed off with give claude a hug, that i realized how hilarious this situation had become.

my father asked me to hug a £15 fur throw for him. that's a little weird, even for us.

29 January 2017

0 god shed his grace on thee

i find myself often crying now when reading the new york times. this is something new. it hasn't always been this way.

an email arrives from N. it is entitled "wtf trump."

she has been away for the last two days and upon returning to london and catching up on the news, discovered that our country appears to be falling apart.

it's like the election, except that was one thing per week. this is four things per day. morally abhorrent things.

it's just so hard when you're not there, N says.

it's a refrain we return to again and again because so often so much of it, when it is hard, it is because we are not there. because if we were there, we would know- what's going on with our parents, what's going on with friends, what the state of the US job market is, whatever.

but this is different. this is something new.

in the space of a week, our country seems to have become a totalitarian regime.

28 January 2017

0 arrrrrrrghghghghghghghghhrhggghghhghhhhh

the sex lives of dead people: jackie onassis and everyone, movie tie-in edition (emotions via britney)

so i have been putting this off for daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays because, HOLY MOSES… i don’t even know.
i mean, that has captured your attention, non? you are RIVETED, right?
brit 34
let’s dive in.
(via the daily mail)
(via the daily mail)

21 January 2017

0 the cubs are world champions

on election day, i was in a hospital in america. and also on the morning after, when it was like everything was in slow motion and i felt hollowed out and simultaneously overly sensitive and deeply numb and that chorus of all the little girls are watching, all the little girls are watching kept racing through my head.

i was in a hospital in the UK when the inauguration was occurring. switching between explaining the difference between the american and national baseball leagues and emphasizing the importance of The Peaceful Transition of Power.

i repeat this phrase- a phrase i do not know that i have ever before uttered- so many times that i wonder whether it might have been something we were taught for the AP government exam.

17 January 2017

14 January 2017

0 leave to remain

my visa came through. for one more year, i have been granted leave to remain.

13 January 2017

09 January 2017

06 January 2017

0 on this day in history

the sexiest thing i'd ever done (up to that point [though you might not know it from my face, because i was tired and wanted to go to paris])...