15 December 2016

0 the way up

last month, during the second martini part of this long ass conversation we were having, i confided to STZ that i'd been wanting to do a different type of podcast. and i wondered if maybe we shouldn't do something together.

because we've been having this conversation for years.

and because we both wanted to do something productive. we do not want to just sit around and complain. 

last sunday, over the course of 2.5 hours, we managed to record 34 minutes of nonsense from which 15 minutes of a pilot episode of a podcast emerged. 

this past tuesday night, i learned how to use various softwares and put the whole together into something sensible that we've been tossing back and forth to one another critiquing in advance of the conversations we're planning on having with our mothers in the coming days.

wow. it's happening, STZ texts me. 

what amazes me here is how quickly this has come together. (it has been three weeks since that long ass conversation.) how quickly, when you really really care about something, you can get shit done.

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