14 September 2016

0 dreamz

my dreams tend to be task-oriented (find this person! teach this class!) or anxiety driven (the one where my examiner read my corrections and put his head in his hands being a recent example) OR task-oriented AND anxiety-driven (teach this class, the title of which you do not know!).

so it was rather a lovely thing when last night, after waking up with a nightmare, i fell back asleep and dreamt of the dog of my childhood.

i remember nothing much about the dream except that it was something to do with finding something, we were in a field near a white house and burvil was there. and, suddenly, so was the dog of my childhood.

i must've been kid-sized because he was enormous. and though my dreams are very seldom tactile, i was keenly aware that the texture of his fur was exactly as i remembered.

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