17 August 2016

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from a 1986 barbie convention is my new favorite thing. 

because the sullen astro barbie with her big-ass ring, obviously. but also... my sweet lord, for real, what is her friend wearing?!?!

multicolored sequin skirt over silver sequin leggings.

dare we even imagine the top?! sequins, right? but of what variety? or, am i wrong, and it's a black leather top to match those crazy platform shoes?

when we were in college i didn't really know joygerale but, from afar, i thought she was the coolest person ever because i once overheard her telling someone how she dressed up to write her papers for english class. like, she'd devise an outfit simply to sit down and write about the use of tableaux in the house of mirth.

hearing her say that in 2001 or whenever, i thought to myself, this is who i want to be.

this is now who i am. someone who lolls about in a dollhouse flat wearing sequined hotpants to write about feminine silences and nuclear fear.  this seems equal parts extravagant, ridiculous, perfect, and like something i maybe would not do if i did not live alone. 

but now i'm wondering if i've been too minimal with my sequins. perhaps i should be wearing them all at once?

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