15 July 2016

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thanks to a colleague's earlier instance that,  if we were going to be of administrative use to a week-long summer school devoted to a particular modernist writer, we should be given teaching roles and her subsequent catastrophic back injury, i have bumbled alone into a position of being the hip, young face of scholarship in this particular modernist writer. and also the representative of a database in whose creation i was entirely uninvolved and which, prior to two weeks ago, i had never once used.

this is not unlike how i bumbled into being the biographer most known for social media because of that one time i was quoted in a newsletter explaining how to log in to facebook. a quote that landed me the chair of a committee, a place on a panel, and a position on the board of directors.

apparently, in certain communities, by virtue of being the one who knows how to do these things, it is possible to become The Representative of the thing. which, in turn, perpetuates things like standing up in front of a room of scholars of this particular modernist writer and teaching them to log on to a database. like dominos, one leads to another.

inexplicably, my career has forked. so that there is jackie on the one path and teaching people how to log on to things on the other.

my rise to prominence in the world of this particular modernist writer has been swift. my feelings are mixed. even garebear, who loves me dearly and is generally convinced i am capable of all things, when i was telling him of the success of monday's session, couldn't help but ask: now, why did they get YOU to do this?

the simple answer is, i think, because we asked. and so there is now a line on my CV attributable to the fact that someone said yes, and because i have experience in teaching- in a fresh, interactive, innovative, compelling way- people to log on.

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