04 May 2016

0 band

there was this moment when k.clen and i were in rome a thousand and one years ago, when we happened upon a ceremony involving a military band. and, seeking some local color, we stopped and listened to this military band for maybe 45 minutes. after which, we had a brief altercation in a round-about because k.clen asked me if i wanted gelato and i screamed "HOW CAN I POSSIBLY KNOW WHAT I WANT RIGHT NOW?!"

i would identify this as the moment when i realized that there is absolutely nothing in the world that sets my nerves on edge quite so much as marching band music.

consider the marching band. its whole purpose is to rev you up. whether that's for sporty competition or militaristic endeavor or whatever, it is meant to leave you riled.

you are meant, after hearing marching band music, to go into some variety of battle.

hence my overreaction to the gelato decision. musically, i had been excited for war.

having avoided marching band music ever since, i'd somewhat forgotten the viscerality of my response to it, until the other day. when a colleague sent an invitation to a weekend event which he described as "a cross between the new wave nitespot from Desperately Seeking Susan and the bibliography to Edward Said's Orientalism."

all of which sounded a little interesting. interesting enough that i went to their website and listened to 12.3 seconds of their podcast. and thank god for that because, upon doing so, i realized that by "a cross between the new wave nitespot from Desperately Seeking Susan and the bibliography to Edward Said's Orientalism," he actually meant the electronica/spoken-word equivalent of marching band music. which would, no doubt, have been a psychologically imperiling ordeal.

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