12 April 2016

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you never write us stories anymore, debo tells me the other day.

i'm reluctant to point out that i am engaged in The Great Story Telling Project Of Our Time and, therefore, have a limited fund of words from which to draw the words required for the writing of assorted other things.

she wants more melly marvel. i wish jackie were done. these desires are, it seems to me, presently opposed. 

well, maybe if you'd dye your hair purple, i'd have something to write about again, i reply. disingenuously because this is, obviously, most why i want her to dye her hair purple. 

because girl power and yolo and all that but, also, i'm pretty sure there's a damn good story to be had here.

that one time debo dyed her hair purple.

a small but powerful personal drama on par with that one time my parents cancelled their landline (and our lives were RUINED). a story in which we will all find ourselves and learn something about the human condition.

i do wonder if this is why she's biding her time.

because, at this point, i'm 76% certain she's going to do it. primarily because she's telling other people.

the circle of people who know debo is contemplating dying her hair has expanded beyond the circle of friends to whom i've blabbed about it and into the people she encounters in her everyday life. women at church are cheering her on.

there comes a tipping point in the doing of a thing- when you've told so many people that you're thinking of doing it that you, ultimately, must if you're to continue thinking you're the person you think you are. i've always thought that is precisely the reason for telling them you're thinking of doing it- because this is an integral stage in the summoning of the nerve.

i'm 76% certain she will do this and 99.9% certain that, if she does, it'll be when i'm in town.

not just because we have a standing date to go to the beauty parlor when i arrive or because i'm a wonderful daughter and will go with her and make her laugh while she gets it done. or even because she knows how much i want to see the stylist's face when she makes this request.

i think she will do this because she knows we need stories and she knows dying her hair purple is one.

but i wonder if she doesn't also share my addiction. if, like me also, she covets the sensation that comes from knowing that what she's living, what she's doing, will later be written down. 

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