20 February 2015

0 charmed

when i left the US- over two years ago now- in the last days, there was this general shoving of all things into the hands of my parents. and to some extent, the last two years have been spent trying to remember what i gave to the goodwill and what i gave to them.

for real, the "caro's clothes left behind" tub in my parents' attic is like christmas. every time i go back, i've completely forgotten what's in it and rediscover it anew.

so in the last few days i've been remembering this necklace i had with an emerald charm on it. the necklace is here in london. the charm is not. and i've this very very vague memory- so vague i would assume i had imagined it if most all my memories of those last days in chicago were not equally vague- of giving my mother a teeny tiny ziplock bag of a necklace charms. or pendants.

i keep calling them charms when, in reality, maybe the proper jewelry term is pendants. idk.

what i do know is that the teeny tiny ziplock bag was one of those teeny tiny ziplock bags that h+m uses for spare buttons, which seems an oddly specific detail to recall if this is an event that did not take place.

yesterday, i happened to remember these pendants whilst i was skyping with debo and so mentioned them to her, saying, mummybee, do you remember me giving you a teeny tiny ziplock bag of necklace charms at any point? 

and she looked thoughtful for a moment, recollecting, and then did that thing where we affirm something someone has just said by repeating it back to them practically verbatim, saying yeah, i think you did. it was a bunch of charms in a really small bag with a ziplock. 

and garebear, not missing a beat, weighed in from offscreen: no wonder you've been sick for three months, bearoline. you gave your mother your lucky charms. 

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