12 October 2014

0 so it happened

you guys.

i have seen li.lo.

on The Stage.

at the THEATAH.

in the west end.

(+, y'know, toby from the west wing.)

that looks like some sort of amazingly improbable surrealist haiku, non? and yet. AND YET.

it happened.

i was there. she was there. toby from the west wing was there.

david mamet's play was a serious, SERIOUS snore. but, mercifully, a short one. never have i ever been in and out of a theatre so quickly. (we'd been wondering why li.lo picked this play. upon seeing it, my friend nina suggested perhaps it is because it was the shortest option.)

but, truth time: probably the highlight of all of this-- li.lo, toby, theatah-- was finally partaking in the interval ice cream, a british tradition, and scoring a tiny cup of strawberry.

remember those ice creams from when we were kids? the ones with the lid with the tab you'd pull up on and the spoon included? the one's that came in a pack of 6 in a bag similar to what newspapers came in?

it was like that ice cream, grown-up. and organic. and gourmet.

seeing li.lo at the theatah has taught me that i may never again fully enjoy the theatah without interval ice cream. lesson learned.

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