25 October 2014

1 and LO! i have transitioned

remember how i had that benghazi hearing type drama last june? and it was HORRID? (apparently so HORRID that my only discussion of it at the time was this.) 

and i spent the whole summer at the british library reworking everything for my resubmission so that the benghazi hearing type drama wouldn't have all been for naught? 

well, i resubmitted at the end of last month, and quickly received a benign looking email saying everything was ok and that several people other than me were responsible for signing things and filing forms and then i would be upgraded. 

apparently all those people signed those things and filed their forms, for today's mail brought a letter confirming that i have indeed been upgraded. 

i am no longer an MPhil, but am now something which up to this point has only ever been referred to as DPhil but which is also called, according to this letter, "PHD MASTER". 

which, let's be honest, is TOTALLY BADASS, right?! RIGHT?!?!? 

the badassness of this new title is a massive consolation for the fact that it feels the future just moved a whole hell of a lot closer. 

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oline said...

please appreciate how the title there almost looks like "LOL i transitioned", which is also an accurate representation of the event.