15 September 2014

0 there is maybe nothing more annoying right now

than the calorie counts of WW2. seriously.

i'm doing research on the side for my supervisor's next book. and, because i thought calorie counts would be an interesting little detail to include, i mentioned them. a teeny tiny mention that has blown up into a HUGE BIG DEAL.

because the calorie counts of WW2 are extremely complicated. they go up and down. they are different for people of different zones of the tri-zonal area, different for people in different jobs within a given tri-zonal area, and the reports are doubly confusing because increases and decreases are reported which appear to have never happened. and so i've spent an ETERNITY now trying simply to prove whether or not this statement is true: "By the end of March rations had dropped to 1275 calories in the US zone and 1050 in the British zone."

it isn't. i don't think. but i'm no longer entirely sure what is.

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