30 September 2014

0 on human rights violations

something funny. not funny ha-ha, but more like funny as in it's probably possible to go your whole life without realizing it and once you realize it is seems a fairly obvious thing and you wonder what else you're missing:

the united nations apparently quite often accuses the US of human rights violations.

did you know this?

perhaps i am an idiot, but i did not know this.

it started cropping up when i read this article in the guardian on how the district of columbia is lobbying to be a state and how because they aren't a state they don't get a vote in congress. i knew that bit. what i did not know was this:

which went down in my mind as a little shocking because i think it is honestly the first time i'd ever read anything about the UN condemning the US on anything outside of military affairs. 

so this was startling, but a one time thing. i thought. 

except, NO. 

seriously, did you know the UN talked about us this much?? or in this much depth?? is the US media talking about how the UN is talking about us?? i don't have the time to look at any more articles on this, much less cross-reference multiple reports across multiple outlets, but it says something alarming that, as someone who's paid quite a bit of close attention to american media for the last 20 years, i could get this far in life without stumbling across this information: that the UN-- with some regularity it would appear-- criticizes US domestic policies as human rights violations. 

we're always hearing about liberal bias or conservative bias in the news. you don't hear much about american bias, which does not mean it's not there.

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