11 June 2014

0 whew

so this week basically boils down to ear infection : conference : ear infection : conference : UPGRADE.

on friday, the 13th no less.

in between the conferences, i've been writing like a maniac and watching tom cruise movies. the two are not connected. oh and waiting in doctors offices. there's been a bunch 'o that.

i hate to give into stereotypes but, dear britain. effective your ear drops may be but damn your doctors are sloooooooooooooow.

as are your keynote speakers.

at one of the conferences, the last keynote was pretty much our vietnam (surely it goes without saying that i mean the academic equivalent rather than its being actually warlike?). from the moment the speaker opened his mouth, my friend and i understood nothing. then he spoke 15 minutes longer than planned, meaning the question time (which only encouraged the saying of more things we couldn't understand!!) ran into the wine reception.

merciful heavens. to stall the drinking of pre-paid wine for such obfuscation. for shame.

god, this makes me sound so complainy. i swear i'm not. i've just not written much that's not jackie and so this is sort of the post-conference pent-up word vomit coming out. it's not my true self, promise!

rather, it's my true self with the smiling and eagerness to meet siphoned off. because the schedule of talks/coffee/talks/coffee/talks/coffee/talktalk/wine is a bizarrely grueling one, no? all that wanting to talk to the people you know but knowing you need to network. all that smiling. all the I AM SO INTERESTED IN WHAT YOU ARE SAYING RIGHTNOW

face. for real, by 3 p.m. it was a fucking delight to just go into the bathroom stall and frown.

these are massive luxuries, i know. to be in a place where they give you coffee and let you talk about theatre and graphic novels and first ladies and sex lives and life-writing and marcel duchamp. but it's easy to see how academics could become so... um... academic. our conference was all about context and so the punchline here is an obvious one... context. it's key.

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