09 April 2014

0 the best sentence in the english language

is: 'i'd be delighted to talk to you.'

closely followed by: 'of course i remember you,' because i mostly assume these people won't. i actually i rather hope they won't as perhaps their lack of memory will erase the memory of my trying to get that jackie in paris project off the ground when all it did was lie there flopping about like a dying fish.

wow. i've apparently some lingering bitterness...

anyway, 'i'd be delighted to talk to you' is amazing. especially coming in that peculiar upper-crust new england drawl (that's borderline southern but obviously can't be because it's coming out of the mouths of people from new york) in a voicemail received on the tube right as a man standing alone says loudly to no one in particular: 'blimey, i missed my stop!'

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