17 April 2014

0 nancy drewing

the writing is at a wee bit of a standstill whilst i hunt and gather for a bit, so there's been a lot of nancy drewing around these parts these days. a lot of parsing books for names, googling the hell out of those names to determine whether the person's alive and, if they are, to see if they've some indiscrete relative who has posted their address somewhere online.

it's amazing how many people who should be able to afford total privacy have an indiscrete relative who has posted their address online.

debo always likes to make the point that the solution to nancy's mysteries were always in the titles. so, the secret was in the old clock or the clue was in the diary or the hidden staircase would solve it all. if only nancy could've seen the cover of her own stories then her sleuthing would've been smoother.

which is how writing (and let's face it, LIFE) feels some times. if you could only see what you can't then you could move towards it more confidently. none of this dithering, none of the putting it off for days or weeks on end, summoning up the nerve for something that may wind up being nothing at all.

case in point: a solid month ago, i got a phone number for someone i want to interview. because i hate calling people out of the blue and having to explain (1) who i am, (2) what i'm doing, (3) why i'm calling them, and because no matter how many times i speak to people who have- thus far- been names on my bookshelf or characters in biographies it's still really effing daunting, i put off this call for that whole month. yesterday, on a high after a good interview with one of JO's friends, i finally called the number. only to learn that the number had been disconnected, which was something i'd already acknowledged as a possibility in a conversation with a friend weeks before where i was complaining about being such a fool about the phone. so that was ridiculous.

i guess the lesson to be learned is to just DO IT. and get it over with. rather than stewing in the fraughtness of potential dramas for weeks on end.

that said, there's a phone call to switzerland i've been putting off for two weeks and it ain't going to happen today. maybe tomorrow, but not today.

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