05 February 2014

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(1) the dane wrote this...

obvi, agreed times a thousand. 

(2) there's a strike on the tube that began last night and is running through FRIDAY. can you even imagine?! 
the other way of looking at it is that this...

currently looks like this...

like they took the guts out. 

there's also a teaching strike tomorrow so it's very UNIONS OF THE WORLD UNITE over here in england this week. 

(3) after weeks of planning to attend voluntary lectures having nothing to do with my own work and skipping out to do my own work, i finally went to the victorian fashion talk at the museum of london last night, which was all about crinolines. which can apparently be seen as- if not feminist then- pleasureable, because they enabled women to inhabit increased spheres of space. a notion i rather enjoy.

the take-away quote was this: 'in every age where women were all-powerful, you find the crinoline.'

(4) lastly, they set a date for this...

it is right smack in the middle of my being in america in may. would that i could do it from there, but alas. 

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