31 January 2014

0 three days

so tuesday night thru friday morning is over. mission = accomplished. proposal to random prize i only heard about three days before the due date (because isn't that always the way?! why? WHY???) = submitted.

now it's on to friday afternoon thru monday morning. which isn't so much work as an endless glut of movies (inside llewyn davis and 12 years a slave) plus assorted wackadoo randoms (tribute to the music of world war one, anybody?) and maybe a return to the isabella blow exhibition (because it's cheaper on mondays and i NEED to go). then it's lectures and NBB interviews (the latest here), lectures and NBB interviews, lectures and NBB interviews all next week whilst i chip away at the work i thought i would be doing all this week, namely getting ready to submit for the upgrade, which i'll sit for in spring.

the other day, lindear asked what the upgrade was. it has a formalized academic function but, to be honest, i can only ever think of it as hillary at the benghazi hearings.

except there won't be a sign. and i certainly won't be an honorable. 

there will, however, presumably be a lot of this: 

while my heart is doing this:

and the work i'm preparing now will accompany me in a huge binder through which i can flip whilst collecting my thoughts...

fun times ahead!!!

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