01 January 2014

0 the old year

365- columbine (cullen)
1024- gone with the wind (mitchell)
403- prep (sittenfeld)
558- american wife (sittenfeld)
190- jackie & ari (david)
945- voice of the heart (barbara taylor bradford)
444- chanel: an intimate life (chaney)
131- writing a woman's life (heilbrun)
350- jackie oh! (kelley)
320- kennedy imprisonment (wills)
350- and the show went on (riding)
217- lilly (livingston)
329- diana vreeland: empress of fashion (stuart)
345- the immortal life of henrietta lacks (skloot)
820- forever amber (winsor)
331- the feminine mystique (friendan)
197- a strange stirring (coontz)
298- mary and lou and rhoda and ted (armstrong)
208- the silent woman (malcolm)
350- reflections on biography (backsheider)
407- vita (glendinning)
212- sexy feminism (armstrong/rudulph)
477- the group (mccarthy)
433- the best of everything (jaffe)
337- beautiful ruins (walter)
505- past imperfect (fellowes)
456- for the thrill of it (baatz)
252- parties, pain, work (winder)
270- women on ice (baughman)
227- the year of magical thinking (didion)
188- blue nights (didion)
156- the great gatsby (fitzgerald)
191- murder in the metro (brunelle and finley-croswhite)
672- a woman named jackie (heymann)
375- jackie oh! (kelley)
416- a widow's story (oates)
421- mrs. kennedy (leaming)
246- between poverty and the pyre: moments in the history of widowhood (bremmer)
245- sex and the city (bushnell)
597- america's queen (bradford)
191- bobby and jackie (heymann)
363- jfk's last hundred days (clarke)
662- the other mrs. kennedy (oppenheimer)
236- what maisie knew (james)
195- once upon a secret (alford)
241- fairytale interrupted (terenzio)
267- sex and the single girl (brown)
270- come to the edge (haag)
464- jackie, ethel, joan: women of camelot (taraborrelli)
341- the spy who loved (mulley)
450- diana: in search of herself (smith)
1024- gone with the wind (mitchell)
444- the rape of europa (nicholas)
376- jackie oh! (kelley)
223- at wit's end (bombeck)
256- slouching towards belthlehem (didion)
450- diana: in search of herself (smith)
600- jim henson: the biography (jones)
600- the pike: gabriele d'annunzio, poet, seducer and preacher of war (hughes- hallett)
200- the politics of the president's wife (borelli)
359- lookaway, lookaway (barnhardt)
245- the new mind of the south (thompson)

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