20 January 2014

0 deep thoughts on my adult on-set lemon allergy

so i'm suddenly violently allergic to lemon scented things.

true story. 

which kind of makes no sense as i've always loved lemon scented things with no problem and all of a sudden it is like snot/sneezing explosion at the mere suggestion. 

have they recently re-atomized the lemon? is the lemon scent of today somehow different from the lemon scent of yesteryear? 

the difficulty with this is that it has taken months for me to pin it down and in the meantime i invested in lemon-scented laundry detergent in which i washed everything i own. 

and so on friday night i fell asleep in a bed of freshly laundered poisons. and subsequently spent the weekend re-poisoning myself by blowing my nose on handkerchiefs that were a cesspool of allergic scent. 

not smart.

though it has been an excuse to wear my christmas pajamas for days on end (as though i needed one). 

this is all very evocative of that time when i spilled the vanilla infuser in my bed and it soaked into the pillows amd mattress and i suffered from a vanilla over-inhalation enduced hangover for a week and a half. which maybe only proves that i've an unusual talent for poisoning myself in extremely stupid ways. 

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