02 December 2013

0 PS90210: “you’re young, your youth is calling out to you."

Oh ya’ll. are you ready for BRENDA WALSH RAGE MONSTER? yeah, it’s coming. BRACE! BRACE!
this week, we’re up to “otherwise engaged”, wherein brenda deals with the aftermath of her impetuous engagement of last week, ahhhhhhndrea audits one scene where she says nothing, steve starts digging the whole he’s going to spend half the season digging out of, dylan pretends he’s team brenda, kelly and david have a sibling spat, donna does nothing but try to calm them down, and brandon very nearly beds the older woman. so problems? yeah. always.
what to do when you’re hot for your favorite teacher’s wife? what not to do when the love of your life is engaged to someone else and her dad asks you to dissuade her? what to do when your dad’s ex-wife sues him and your mother’s nervous breakdown is brought up? and should you really sign a prenup? all this and more…  Continue reading

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