05 December 2013


last night, the dane and i decided to do a staggeringly britishy christmassy thing and went to a panto in hackney.

description-wise, i can't even...

a combo of musical theater, drag, and comedy with audience participation, intended for children but with a generous heaping of innuendo? 

that maybe comes close. 

there was a pervasive sense of "what is this???" but also, "how have we lived without it for so long??"

everyone around us- somewhat surprisingly not all school children and not all gay- apparently considered it an integral part of the holiday season.  

when they seemed to intuit the responses automatically- booooooing and ahhhhhing and hissssssing with little to no provocation- the dane turned to me and said, "HOW DO THEY KNOW?!?" 

i don't know how they knew. what i know is that we need to import panto to america stat. 

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