13 December 2013

1 it's official!

the The Books Gary Eaton Has Been Dispatched to the Library To Check Out So I Can Read Them Over the Holidays Whilst At Home List has been finalized...

wilton barnhardt- lookaway, lookaway
greg baxter- the apartment
jill lepore- book of ages
michelle orange- this is running for your life
tracy thompson- the new mind of the south

with the last minute addition of five days at memorial, which- thank god for some serendipitous 'i really really loved that article in the new york times magazine back in 2009 and wonder if it has become a book yet' thinking- eked its way onto the list in the final hour. (and if you've not read the original article from 2009, YA'LL... get on that because it is AMAZE.)

1 comment:

mak said...

I just read the sample of Five Days on my Nook and geezus, I am eager for Christmas BN gift cards so I can get the rest because whoa.

Also, I'm revisitng The Historian, so pray for my creepy tolerance. Luckily there's room in the freezer.