11 December 2013

0 amazingly deep things said in the seminar last night about narrative in video games

'failure feels most weighty when you fail against your own plans.'

'deny the reader the pleasure of understanding everything.'

'games give us license to engage in a conflict that would otherwise be awkward or rude.'

also the fact that there was once a chandelier crisis in the USSR...

'The tonnage norms particularly piqued Khrushchev's peasant common sense…His choice complaint...had to do with a Moscow chandelier factory: the more tons of chandeliers the plant produced, the more workers earned in bonuses. The chandeliers grew heavier and heavier, until they started pulling ceilings down. They fulfilled the plan, admitted Khrushchev angrily, “but who needs this plan? To whom does it give light?”' 
- Time Magazine article “Borrowing from the Capitalists,” 12 February 1965

(A shatterlier is a chandelier in the moment when it's falling. - Aleksei Kruchenykh)

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