03 December 2013

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The problem with having a rich and engaging imaginative life is that normal life is so boring.

Melly Marvel was often bored. She'd wander aimlessly about the house, like a specter, saying 'I'm so bored, I'm so bored.'

Avril said, 'Nice ladies don't do that. Good girls find something to do!'

Melly Marvel tried to find something to do. For, in her heart of hearts, Melly Marvel wanted nothing more than to be thought a good girl. Still, she was bored.

And so she started making noises in her head. Odd little noises in her head, something like a baby elephant would make, to keep herself entertained. To keep her from failing to be a lady.

This was so entertaining, in fact, that she started making her noises whenever she was bored in school, as she often was bored there.

She did this for weeks, quietly making noises to herself, in her head.

One day Miss Door- a tall, threatening woman who was a dead ringer for the Wicked Witch- said to her, 'MELLY MARVEL, STOP MAKING THOSE NOISES.'

And Melly Marvel went beet red. For it had never once occurred to her that the noises for her pleasure alone, the noises she made in her head, were hearable outside of it.

Dumbfounded, she turned to face Miss Door and asked simply, stunned, 'You can hear that?!'

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