18 October 2013

1 did you know?

i have a weekly newsletter? and i'm not talking about the OitC daily emails, but a whole separate other thing. because OitC and 90210 and finding jackie aren't entirely readable by friends of my parents and so there's a weekly newsletter tailored specifically for them.

increasingly i'm realizing i maybe need to tamp down on my creationary impulses. the solution to every problem can't be to create an entirely new writing venue, right?

but oh well, that's what has happened, it is maybe who i am, so i'mma stick it out.

i write all of this because my parents friends recently ganged up on me and forced me to move house to an actual legit mailing service that will host these newsletters (people really NEED archives as it turns out), a service for which i must pay, which i am BEGRUDGINGLY going to do. but which has also spurred me to coerce every available soul to subscribe to it so i'm not just throwing money to the wind.

yes, if you read OitC, some weeks there'll be some overlap, but most weeks there won't (next week: DATING ABROAD!). and yes, some of you have already been forcibly signed up, which i will hereby apologize for now.

but, if you're interested and game and want to help me get my £'s worth, do sign up.

you can do that by clicking on this silly button that inexplicably asks you to sign up to 'our' newsletter, which makes me sound like a corporate entity, when really i'm just me and the spirit of the vieve...

1 comment:

Amber said...

What - you mean I can't get my overactive mind under control with new writing ventures?!? I have like 3 in the works...guess it's time for a new plan...