03 September 2013


so it's that one week out of every supervision cycle where i've turned in all my work and am waiting for supervision and so EVERY SINGLE DAY is crammed full of ALL OF THE THINGS to keep me from going crazy wondering how hard they're going to wtf? my work.

because today is particularly glamorous let's use it as a for instance: in about an hour, there's an interview with a nun who gave caroline kennedy religion instruction then it's on to a random afternoon drink in covent garden, and then a rendezvous with c.smartt at shake shack after that. plus, the morning was spent downloading NINETY-NINE jackie articles from the boston globe, a task that only involved 1968 and 1969, so there's still FIVE MORE YEARS to be done before my 30-day subscription expires.

so yeah. that's basically all a promise for future stories and an excuse for why there may be a lot of cute cat pictures this week... but look! SUCH a cute cat!!!

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