17 September 2013

1 trashy

remember how i put off buying the mattress topper until debo came? and then it turned out to be THE BEST THING EVER to sleep without coils winding in my back. 

for six months i've been putting trash in a grocery bag kept on the floor. given that my unrelenting consumption of fruit results in a zillion fruit rinds and, therefore, a zillion fruit flies, this has been less than ideal. but i didn't want to buy a trash can. because to buy a trash can would be to spend good money on a stupid essential thing rather than a luxury. and i far prefer luxuries. 

still. fruit flies are gross. last week, when i went to hunt down the mattress topper i was finally giving in and buying, i happened upon a trash can. it was pink. it was beautiful. it was £24.99. which is kinda ridic. 

so i began steeling myself to spend a small fortune on a garbage can. and then... MIRACLE. when debo and i went to fetch the garbage can, it had gone on sale. ££s were saved, ya'll. 

this is such a non-story, i know. except there are two reasons that it is: (1) lindear's waking up in the middle of the night to feed a baby and has requested a middle of the night blog post. et voilĂ ! and, (2) since i'm rather unlikely to be ushering local people here into my home and showing them the glories of my garbage can, this seems quite a nice place to get that impulse out. so, hey, you guys, look at my glorious garbage can!

please also appreciate that it perfectly matches ruth's lipstick in this print:

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Linda said...

Re: item #1...here I am! And thank you!l

Congrats on the trash can. Do you need a pro tip on trapping fruit flies? Involves owning Saran Wrap, a rubber band, and some sort of alcohol or apple cider vinegar. I made one this morning and caught thirty by days end. Because we own a trash can and are STILL gross..