30 September 2013

0 september: a(n abbreviated debo) revue

'this is an authentic experience!'
'just because there's mud and donkeys?'

'that should be my stripper name.'
'i can't believe you just said that to your mother.'
'what? don't play coy. you know what a stripper is.'

'i know, i know you're embarrassed by my vera bradley, but this is camouflage in bloomington.'

'it's one thing to get married at chatsworth. it's an entirely different other thing to get married at the cafeteria at chatsworth.'

'i woke up and saw her standing there holding something...'
'an iphone.'
'well, yes, but i thought she was an official come to collect our tickets.'
'your sense of what constitutes an official is frighteningly slim.'

'i worry that makes us very southern... that two out of three of our favorite foods come from a gas station.'

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